September and October Coach Kiki Competitor Recap!

What's up everyone! I wanted to check in and provide an update on all of my clients that competed during September and October. We had a busy month with Team Boss Bodies and Team Kiki and I was so happy to be able to attend some of the shows in person!

I am always so inspired by the ladies on my client roster, and they inspire me to work so hard for myself and for them. If you're reading this post, please make sure to go hype them up and give them the love they deserve!


Arielle Deyampert

1st Place, 2021 NPC Noble Warrior Classic Class Winner & Overall Champion

First up, let's send a shoutout to our girl Arielle Deyampert for winning the whole dang show last weekend at NPC Noble Warrior Classic! She won her class and the overall, so please go hype her up and give her the love that she deserves. Did I mention that Arielle had her first child less than a year ago and she is still out there slaying the stage?!

Catherine “Cat” Marte 1st Place Winner Open Bikini 2021 NPC Ultimate Grand Prix

Cat is one of the hardest workers I have and I can't wait to see what we have in store in the future. She's a typical bikini girl that sometimes doesn't think she's ready but this show was such a validation as she took home FIRST in Open Bikini and 4th place in Masters 35+. ⁣⁣

Toni Jimenez

3rd Place Novice; 5th Place Masters 40+

2021 NPC Ultimate Grand Prix

This was Toni's first show!! She did so well and looked so beautiful on stage - we only prepped for a quick 8 weeks and now we get to BUILD that beautiful bikini muscle ! Toni took home 3rd place in Novice and 5th place in Masters 40+.⁣

NPC Mid Atlantic - Charlotte, NC

Gates Prosser - @gatespr0sser

2nd Place True Novice, NPC Mid Atlantic

Gates finished second in true novice and absolutely CRUSHED her routine on stage. Y'all, keep your eye on her. She has so much potential in this sport, and we're excited to get to building. She and I talked backstage about having an alter ego of sassiness while on stage, and she found that inner sass and more once her heels hit the stage Shoutout to my bestie Jonelle and her alter ego Valentina for the inspiration on this one!

Lori Fleming - @loricoursen

4th Place, Masters 35+

I am SO proud of Lori and all the work she put in this year. She finished fourth in Masters 35+ and now we can head into a proper offseason! Lori has been an endurance athlete her whole life - she's done things in the fitness world that are so impressive I couldn't even imagine! Now, we can shape her body into that ideal bikini look and come back with an impressive package in 2022.

NPC San Antonio Classic - Texas

Brittany Des Rosiers - @brittdeshair

NPC San Antonio Classic

3rd Place, Open Bikini

Britt and I JUST started working together a couple weeks before peak week to get her dialed in, and I am so happy with the results so far. She took home 3rd place in Open Bikini and this is just the start! Britt follows all my advice (ahem, rules 🤣), so I know we're going to have a really successful improvement season.

Legion Sports Fest - Reno, NV

Keri Sato - @keri_pier_sato

Legion Sports Fest

Keri rocked the stage in her first ever bikini competition, earning second callouts! Mastering the show day experience is always tough for first-time competitors, but I'm so proud of Keri and can't wait to build on this package.

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