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Lower Body Vacation Workout #2

Back for more Vacation Leg Workouts??

Here's another lower body vacation workout that you can take on the road with you wherever you go. Stay fit and feel the burn - even on vacation!

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**Go straight into each exercise with minimal rest for 3-4 sets


15 Lateral Step Ups on Chair/Bench (each leg)

15 Reverse Lunge to Kickback

20 Static Lunge Jump (each leg) (stay in a static lunge and jump up for 20 then repeat on other side)

1 min. Wall Sit with Abduction


20 Bodyweight Squats (focus on glute squeeze)

15 Single Leg Deadlift (can use bands )

20 Glute Bridge (static hold each rep and squeeze for 5 seconds)

15 Single Leg Hip Thrust (can use bands)


15 Hip Thrust + 3 abductions with bands (thrust +3 abductions = 1 rep)

20 Reverse Hyperextension (off of an ottoman/chair/bench)

20 Static Lunge Pulses each leg

20 Burpees with 10 Mountain Climbers at the bottom of each rep

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