Coach Kiki October Improvement Season Update!

I was so happy to be back home in Florida this week after traveling with Preston to his hometown of Memphis last week. Thankfully, we found a great gym there to keep the gains on track! We'll be back on the road this weekend to Charlotte for Lori and Gates show, and I can wait to see them both!

I've been busy this week working on new client trainings and testing out a new program for myself and a fun project in the works! I'm excited to share more with you all on that front soon.

We are getting into the Thiccccc of improvement season now. As coach Jason told me in my check-ins this week, “you need a nice winter coating”. The building season isn't always the most “sexy” part of the process but this is BodyBUILDING. You can't change your muscle density and shape without some seasons of life where you are eating in a caloric maintenance/surplus to aid in the muscle building progress. This means finding new definitions of balance and figuring out to be comfortable in multiple stages of growth!

Macros are the same as last week:

High Day

400g Carbs

160g Protein

50g Fat

Low Day

250g carbs

160g Protein

65-70g Fat

Click my latest Instagram post below and check out a killer shoulder GIANT set ab-focused finisher. You can all expect to see this on your plans soon!

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