Client Spotlight: Beckyn Hockel

Updated: Apr 6

Since we're getting back into season, it's time to return to having one of my clients spotlighted each week! This week it's our girl Beckyn Hockel. She's in the height of her offseason, and she is absolutely crushing it. I always look forward to Beckyn's check ins because she's got a great mindset about playing the long game with competing.

We are coming up on Beckyn and I’s one year coaching anniversary! From the minute I got off the phone with her last February, I knew she was going to be a rockstar. She asked so many good questions and ultimately she was mentally all-in to do whatever it takes to improve from her first competition season.

Change takes TIME - Beckyn has a great natural structure for bikini but the bikini division continues to get more and more competitive and we knew we needed to add on some good muscle tissue. - Beckyn and I were not-so anxiously waiting to get her on stage since we started last year.

We worked most of the first two quarters of last year on shaping her legs - building more glute and hamstring and becoming less quad dominant. We were able to build some lean muscle tissue before we dialed it in for her ultimate 1st place finish at the Nashville Fit Show in August.

This girl can EAT! - we did a progressive linear load during peak week and topped off with 375g Carbs. We received solid feedback from Head Judge Sandy Wiliamson to continue adding on a bit more muscle density. So, we immediately got to work, built food up and started getting in the mindset of growing to improve mentally and physically so she could handle her first season on the national stage.

Beckyn is a great athlete example. We are eating to GROW, she trains hard in the gym, takes the necessary rest days, isn’t afraid to take the untracked meals and re-feed meals to fuel her training - even if that means feeling a bit uncomfortable in our off season body.

Join me all in hyping Beckyn up during the rest of her offseason!

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